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Bath Tub – Different Types of Bath Tubs Bakersfield

bath tub bakersfield

Bath Tub – Different Types of Bath Tubs that You Can Choose to make Your Bathroom Look Awesome

To find the perfect bath tub for your needs, you must first know what types of tubs are available. Knowing the available options can make it easier to make the right and final decision to remodel your bathroom. Tubs come in many shapes, sizes, materials, and options that you have to consider before purchasing.

It will not only help you to create a unique look but also allow you to feel relaxed while taking a bath. Most people have no idea about the different styles of bathroom tubs. Maybe you are one of them, but don’t worry because we have come up with several unique types of bath tub in this guide. So feel confident to invest in the improvement of your bathroom.

Let’s look at the 5 interesting types of bath tubs below!

Different Types of Bath Tubs to Choose From

1.    The Alcove Bath Tubs

Alcove tubs, also called three-wall bathtubs, are stylish and attractive choices that combine functionality and form. Most bathtubs are designed with convenience in mind and have a showerhead at the top. The Alcove tub style can get in countless homes today, especially smaller apartments, houses, or tight spaces.

2.    The Drop-in Bath Tub

In a drop-in tub, a large frame is adding up into an alcove. The rims on these tubs are often larger in comparison to the rims on alcove tubs. Alcove tubs are typically best to use in small bathrooms, while drop-in tubs take up considerable space. Although this bath tub is customizable, they typically measure 60 inches in length, 30 inches in width, and 16 inches deep.

3. The Japanese-Style Soaking Bath Tub

Japanese people prefer to bathe by kneeling completely in the water to the level of their chins as a way of healing and rejuvenation. This is the best choice for you if you like to soak and need it to take up a minimal amount of space!

4.    The Whirlpool and Air Bath Tubs

Air tubs and whirlpool tubs contain strategically positioned jets that shoot air or water out. A whirlpool provides a relaxing massage to people with joint and muscle pain. Additionally, they help reduce several pains and aches after a hectic working day or intensive workout.

This is a bit expensive as compared to a few other bathtubs. However, it is worth their additional cost for the enjoyable bathing experience they provide.

5.    The Corner Bath Tub

Corner bathtubs still have a wall attachment, same as alcove bathtubs, but it may only be on one or two sides instead of all three. In this style, the idea is to maximize every square inch of space in the bathroom. The use of a corner tub as a standing space to shower is less common. It has a creative design that increases the overall look of your bathroom.


When you try to take a bath in a tub that’s not the right shape or available suitable materials, you quickly understand that not all bathtubs are the same. Bath tub does hard work in your bathroom; it not only helps you and your family feel relaxed and clean but is also used to clean your pets, and maybe for some laundry tasks. This guide will help you a lot to choose the right tub for your bathroom to create a luxurious look.

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bath tub bakersfield


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