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Bidet Toilet: What kind of Bidet Toilets are Available and how you can use it?

bidet toilet

When you use the bathroom, you clean yourself with a bidet toilet. If you’ve ever traveled abroad, you’ve most likely seen a toilet. They’re common in Europe, Asia, and South America.

As they become increasingly popular in the United States, now is a great time to learn the proper way to use a bidet toilet.

Guide on Different Types of Bidet Toilet Seats in Bakersfield

Part of the reason they’re becoming more popular is that there are now more types of toilets. The various types of bidet available in modern bathrooms make it hard to predict where you will see a handheld or built-in model.

1.     Freestanding bidet

Bidets of this type are traditional. The freestanding bidet toilet looks like a giant, low sink next to a regular toilet. Water rises into the bowl of freestanding bidets, and they may have jets.

2.     Handheld bidet

Handheld bidets, also known as bidet showers or bidet sprayers, have nozzles that stay attached to the toilet. After using the toilet, having sexual activity, or freshening up, your genitals and anus are easily cleaned up with this type of bidet. You control the direction of the water stream with a handheld bidet.

3.     Built-in bidet

Bidets are available in built-in toilets. If your toilet has a built-in bidet, the liquid may dispense vertically after flushing.

4.     Warm water bidet

In addition to built-in bidets, free-standing bidets and sprayers are also available. Warm water bidet toilets are either connect up to the hot water system or have built-in water warmers that provide a milder spritz of warm water to your bottom.

How to use it? Tips to Follow

  1. Before using the bidet, check it out. Be ready for the water jets by determining where they’ll come from.
  2. If you’re using a bidet first, wipe yourself down with toilet paper first.
  3. There is no need to use soap when using a bidet. Some people use a bidet as a mini-shower after having bowel movements, sexual encounters, or freshen up, but it is not a requirement.
  4. Before turning on the bidet toilet jets, remove any clothing items (like underwear, pants, and tunic-style shirts).
  5. A towel may surround your bidet. Please note that this should only be available for drying off your hands.
  6. You must permanently shut off your T-valve after using a bidet attachment for best results. When it is not turned off, it may leak.
  7. To prevent bacteria from entering a vulva, ensure the water is direct to the front-to-back.
  8. Some drawbacks or risks are associated with using a bidet, but they are not as dangerous as using a paper. If you have a weak immune system to colds and flu, you might want to wait before investing in a bidet.
  9. Using a bidet toilet before bowel movements could make your anus itchy if you have male genitalia.
  10. You may be at a greater risk of contracting bacterial vaginitis after using a bidet if you have female genitalia. The general risk of bacterial contamination exists with electric warm water as well.


People may find it difficult to adjust to a bidet toilet, but many end up switching permanently. Take a good look at the bidet equipment and be ready to handle the jets before you start using the bidet.

Thus, bidet toilet use might be beneficial for individuals suffering from hemorrhoids or IBS.

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