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Concrete Countertops: What are the Important Pros & Cons of a Concrete Countertop?

concrete countertops bakersfield

How many of you are thinking about having their house kitchen be installed with concrete countertops? Do you feel that concrete countertops are a better option as compared to granite and marble tiles?

No doubt that with time, the demand and popularity of concrete countertops are getting high. This is due to the beauty and easy installation it grants. But apart from that, there is a wide range of pros and cons which you need to know about concrete countertops. Let’s highlight a few below for you.

What are the advantages of concrete countertops?

There are many virtues of concrete countertops. You can form and shape it into any variations to match the kitchen dimensions. And thus, you can make it get finished much precisely according to your liking.

When you have concrete countertops by your side, you are available with versatile style and color options by your side. In its comparison, ceramic tiles are available with lesser choices. This is the main reason that these countertops are the favorite choice for house makers.

In addition, countertops are not scratch-proof, and thus they do remarkably resist scratches. You can also compare this quality with the rest of the few softer counter materials. This can be either laminate or solid surface.

Concrete can often be customized up through the addition of smaller items that are pressed upon into its top surface. Stones, glass fragments, shells, or fiber-optic lights can be fully embedded up.

When used correctly, the concrete has the power to improve the entire resale value of the house. It is a premium material on par with quartz or natural stone counters.

What are the disadvantages?

Some people do think the concrete as the utilitarian building material for the foundations and slabs. You can often take the concrete countertops as the easy to install and cheapest material. Thus, concrete is one such high-end material that is best to use for the kitchen. But fabricating this concrete material does require some skill or experience through professional technicians.

Apart from that, concrete countertops are a bit expensive. If you think that using concrete for the patios and sidewalks is the less expensive option, then you are entirely wrong. You can expect to pay around $150/sqft or more for the full-service fabrication as well as installation.

In case you are into regular maintenance, then choosing concrete is not the right option for you. It does require some annual resealing at its minimum. Just because the concrete is heavy, the cabinets and the flooring should be powerful enough to bear such an increased weight.


With this entire discussion on pros and cons, this might have become an easy task for you to think of investing in concrete countertops is the right option or not. No doubt that concrete has the beauty and grace you won’t find in any other countertop material. Do more of your research on it and collect some outstanding designs.

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