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Corian Countertops: All You Need To Know About Cleaning These Countertops

Corian countertops

Solid surface countertops made of Corian are some of the most popular today. Heat resistant, non-porous, and also available in matte or high-gloss finishes, these tiles are durable, heat resistant, and non-porous. Furthermore, Corian countertops are seamless (do not have gaps that can serve as breeding grounds for harmful bacteria). Moreover, they are cheaper than granite and other counters for home remodeling.

The glossy finish on Corian countertops, however, can fade over time. They require little maintenance and are easy to clean, also an important feature. This article will demonstrate how to clean and maintain your Corian countertops as well as sink.

The materials you use on your countertops can potentially harm it as well. Without further ado, let’s start cleaning.

How to Clean and Care for Corian Countertops Solid Surface

Learn how you can keep your Corian countertops looking great despite everyday spills.

1.     Clean up spills as soon as possible

If you wipe liquids immediately off of countertops, you can ensure that your kitchen counters will always look neat and shiny.

Although Corian is a non-porous solid surface, if you do not do this, the spill will dry on the countertop, making it difficult to remove. Additionally, it will dull the surface.

After cleaning your countertop, be sure to dry it immediately. Over time, a film should not build up and make your skin appear dull or blotchy.

2.     Use a sponge and warm soapy water to clean.

Whenever the spill dries up on the Corian countertops surface due to your busy schedule or not seeing it sooner, wash it with warm soapy water.

Add a bit of dish soap to your sponge or dishcloth and soak it in warm water. Wet the cloth with warm water, wipe over the residue, and dry it well.

3.     Clean stubborn stains with ammonia

Some stains on Corian countertops won’t come off when you clean them with soapy water. Those stains can be removed with a cleaner that contains ammonia.

Clean the Corian countertops surfaces by spraying or rubbing the cleaner on them, then wiping them up. If you don’t want to leave streaks, make sure you immediately rinse with clean water and dry it up.

Alternatively, you can use oven cleaner to clean your countertops, but be sure to learn how it works on different materials before you proceed.

4.     Non-abrasive cleaners can also help.

Ammonia-based cleaners aren’t available to everyone. If you have stubborn stains, you might have to use a non-abrasive household cleaner.

The cleaner should be sprayed directly on the countertop surface and allowed to soak in the stain for two (2) minutes. With your microfiber cloth, clean the Corian surface, then rinse and dry it.

5.     Use quartz cleaner to clean your countertops.

You cannot use any cleaner on Corian quartz countertops (which are different from Corian solid surfaces). Quartz cleaner should instead be used.

6.     Polish your countertops to restore their luster

Make your Corian countertops shine by using a polish made for other countertop materials. Wipe the counter in circular motions with an amount of polish on a piece of cloth. Use a second piece of cloth to buff the polish off.


Now you know how to get hard water out of your home, maintain and revitalize your Corian countertops, and which materials to avoid. For countertops that are too old or damaged to be refinished or that cannot be restored to their original shine, you should seek professional help.

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