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Guide to get Right vanity mirrors for you to create a unique look in your house

Vanity Mirrors bakersfield

One of the most frequently used pieces of furniture in the bathroom is vanity mirrors. The mirror is something everyone looks at when walking into a bathroom, even if it is just a passing glance. In addition to washing their hands or checking on their faces, people often look into this while getting ready for the day.

If the homeowner wishes to have a cohesive look throughout the bathroom, choosing the right option to match the layout, the vanity, and the style is imperative. So, here we come with 3 more considerable points! Just follow them before selecting the right vanity mirrors for your bathroom or powder room.

Get the Right Vanity Mirrors by Following the Given Tips

1.    Style of the Mirror

Do you have a particular design style in mind? Do you prefer modern, traditional, minimalist, or are you looking for something more fun?

The Bathroom mirror is a key element of your bathroom. You can add it with the touch of personality that complements the entire look of your area. When it comes to selecting the correct vanity mirrors for your bathroom, keeping these key points in mind can help. It can be frustrating for you if you go into a shop without planning what you exactly want.


So, no hurry, take some time and discover different styles to get the right one for your house. You can also get help from an expert who will suggest the best style. Find something according to your bathroom’s overall look and theme.

2.    The Size of the Mirror

Choosing the right mirror size requires consideration of both function and proportion. When choosing your mirror, keep in mind the size of your vanity to create a balanced look. A vanity mirror will rarely be as wide as the vanity.

However, according to a common approach, the mirrors are typically made wide enough to line up perfectly with vanities so that the two are perfectly aligned.

If you have a custom-sized mirror, this will be much easier. In this way, you may not be able to find a ready-made mirror that fits into your vanity’s exact width. If you didn’t get the same width, then do not panic. You can better choose to make vanity mirrors about 70% to 80% as wide as your vanity is. In this way, the mirror will look slightly smaller but not shrunken.

If you can increase the height of the mirror, it will be better since you will have more visibility and a more open appearance. Aim for four to seven feet above the bathroom’s floor.

The function of the Mirror

Mirror’s functionality is another important factor to consider to make the right decision. It is important to think whether you need a wall-mounted mirror that gives you extra storage space or merely a mirror that looks good!


Powder rooms usually do not need storage for your toiletries or daily grooming accessories, but ensuites and main bathrooms usually do. You might want to consider a bathroom mirror with storage like a medicine cabinet mirror if your main ensuite or bathroom does not include storage beneath the sink.


However, if you have a lot of storage, you will have plenty of options for wall-mounted mirrors that increase the overall look of your vanity.



Having the right vanity mirrors will increase the overall look of your house and help you enjoy a full view from every angle while getting ready for a day. Most powder rooms or bathrooms have a bit smaller space, and they don’t need a large mirror. So, try to add something unique to have more fun with your vanity mirror!


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