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How you can Increase the lifespan of your Granite Countertop for the Next Few Years?

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Are you ready to add your kitchen with a luxurious look with the installation of a granite countertop In Bakersfield? It’s a fact that the granite countertop can easily withstand compared to the rest of the materials for the long years. This is because granite is durable and they do add the kitchen area with extra beauty for others.

Many of us do not know that a granite countertop can last for maximum of 100 years, but only when they are taken care of at its best. Granite is a hard substance that is not at all susceptible to scratches or any stains very easily. It is equally a heat resistant one that can work great in kitchens where the heat is an unavoidable substance.

Comparison of Granite Countertop Bakersfield with other Countertop Materials

Granite has a longer lifespan as compared to other countertop materials. Below we have a table for you to discuss the average life expectancy for a few other popular countertop materials:

Natural stone & Granite – 100+ years

Concrete countertop – 20 years

Cultured marble- 20 years

Laminate – 20-30 years

Tile – 100+ years

How to Increase the Lifespan of Granite Countertop Bakersfield?

Granite can never face any cracks or scratches until and unless a heavy thing has fallen on it, hitting the surface hard. If one portion of the granite countertop has faced some cracks, it thus needs quick replacement straight away. Although granite is durable, it is the best option to be a little careful when it comes to maintenance.

If you want the stains to keep away from the countertop, then make sure that the countertop surface is fully sealed. It always requires sealing more often as compared to other material surfaces.

It would help to use a cutting board when you are prepping any food on the granite countertop surface. Granite has a dense nature. And due to this nature, it can face little scratches very easily if you are not careful.

During the installation, you have to ensure that the installation team uses extra beams. Extra support systems are also used for holding the granite properly. Granite is a bit heavier than the rest of the materials and thus requires additional support.

How can you Save Money on Granite Countertop Bakersfield?

The reason why some people avoid investing in granite is that it is pretty expensive. The primary reason for its high price is the natural material use in its manufacturing. It might be also due to its long-lasting nature.

If you still want to purchase it at your budget, choose something at a wholesale rate. You should never pay the high retail price on the granite, which is not guarantee-based and looks low in quality.

A Final Word

Likewise, granite countertop, no matter whatsoever material you are choosing for the countertop, each one of them requires extra care. This is how you can use it for a long-lasting time. Ensure the granite countertop is installed properly. It should be sealed to avoid the arrival of any stains or scratches on it.

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