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Replacing Kitchen Countertops on a Budget: How much do you have to pay for Granite Countertops?

replacing kitchen countertops on a budget

Do you have all the details in mind when it comes to replacing kitchen countertops on a budget with granite? There are specific reasons for high popularity that make granite an excellent option for kitchen remodeling. They are natural stones. Moreover, they give out a beautiful impression in the whole of the design variations.

Hence, they are durable and long-lasting too. They are easier to maintain in terms of cleanliness, and they do raise the value of your home. However, the main question that seems to hit so many minds is what would be the cost of using granite countertops for replacing kitchen countertops on a budget.

The average cost of replacing kitchen countertops on a budget

To inform our readers, we would like to mention here that granite countertops are sold out by square feet. Based on the requirements of replacing kitchen countertops on a budget, you need to consider how much granite is required and what area of the kitchen will occupy granite. The elegant appearance of granite in its finishing has made it a popular choice for kitchen renovations.

Costs of granite countertops typically range from $50 to $100 per square foot. This will also include the installation costs that can be around $200 per square foot. The countertop would be approximately 50-60 feet in length, which is perfect for replacing kitchen countertops on a budget.

What is the thickness of a standard granite slab?

Granite countertop thickness has been one of the most significant factors. The standard granite slab is about one and a quarter inches thick. You can also get granite in a thinner slab that is about three-quarters of an inch thick. Furthermore, it would be easier to clean and longer-lasting in resistance.

It will have an affordable price for replacing kitchen countertops on a budget. Another best way to reduce the amount is using granite tiles instead of a granite slab. Using the granite tiles will cost 60% less in charges. Moreover, It will be better to take some guidance from home experts who already have basic knowledge about replacing kitchen countertops.

At what cost can you install a granite countertop?

You can get your countertops installed at the cost of just as little as $39.99 per square foot. In that case, you must purchase at least 45 square feet of granite.

You can get the best assistance from the fabricator who will assist you in determining what type of granite countertop would be best for replacing kitchen countertops on a budget.

A Final Word

When it comes to replacing kitchen countertop, granite is the best option. But other options will be available to you as well, so make sure you find something that fits both your kitchen theme and your budget. It is better to hire a renovation expert and share all your ideas with him about what sort of material can look good for the kitchen countertop.

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