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Small Bathroom Layout: Modern Small Bathroom Ideas In 2022

small bathroom layout bakersfield

Is it hard for you to remodel your small bathroom layout? Since we go to our bathrooms to unwind and refresh, it only makes sense that we should decorate them in an aesthetically pleasing way. Designs of contemporary bathrooms offer features such as unique bathtubs, streamlined vanity units, and elegant dispensers and storage. But it is impossible to install all of these features in every bathroom.

Therefore, we have compiled some contemporary and opulent bathroom designs to assist you with your next redesign. Let’s talk about them below:

Idea no 1: Add tiles to your small bathroom layout decor

One of the most common and well-liked approaches for embellishing a bathroom is using tiles. Therefore, if you want to spruce things up traditionally, we recommend designing your walls and floors with the same tiles. This will create a lovely bathroom.

Idea no 2: Stay neutral yet bold in a small bathroom layout

To make the most of limited space in a small bathroom, thoughtful planning is required. This stunning bathroom layout makes the most of the available space while avoiding the appearance of being cramped in any way.

Idea no 3: Let the design stay straightforward

The design of this bathroom demonstrates that even the simplest of layouts can significantly impact. Choose a warm color scheme, and move the clutter away where you can see it. Your bathroom will be spotless, uncomplicated, and up to date with the latest trends.

Idea no 4: Refrain from utilizing more than one color

The entirely white small bathroom layout can give off an icy impression. The use of terrazzo for the walls and floors might liven up the atmosphere. To give the impression that your bathroom has a higher price tag, combine it with gold or rose gold bathroom decorations and fixtures.

Idea no 5: Choose artsy elements

To get a calm, monochromatic appearance, you can spice things up with a few artistic flourishes, such as the tiles in this example. This will prevent the area from appearing too clinical.

Idea no 6: Pick marble fixtures for the bathroom

Marble is a good material for use in contemporary bathroom design ideas. If you add a few extras and some gold-colored bathroom fixtures to the mix, you will have successfully produced a bathroom straight out of a dream.

Idea no 7: Be smart about your accessories

If your bathroom isn’t huge, you shouldn’t crowd it with many different items. Keep only what is necessary, and store the remainder where it will not be visible.

Idea no 8: Different Mixes of vintage and contemporary materials

You can have a small bathroom layout which features both vintage and contemporary elements. The room appears clean and contemporary because of the use of white marble, yet it has a more traditional sense thanks to the wooden paneling.

Idea no 9: Create a wall using a variety of textured materials

The appearance of a room can be transformed entirely by adding texture walls. This bathroom design would still look beautiful even if it did not include the exposed brick wall. However, it would not be nearly as stunning.

Idea no 10: A combination of modern and archaic

This bathroom’s style and feel have been elevated to a new level thanks to the fantastic combination of traditional and modern materials. This gives the space a breathtaking modern rustic appearance.

Idea no 11: Experiment with different prints

You may turn your bathroom into a “feel-good” environment by hanging vintage and one-of-a-kind prints on the walls.


Designing a small bathroom layout is not a tedious task at all. Still, we advise you to hire a professional interior designer to let your bathroom look modern and inspiring for others.

small bathroom layout bakersfield

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