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What to Do If Your Home’s Roof Starts to Leak?

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Undoubtedly, a leaking roof is no less than a catastrophe. Simply a nightmare that none wishes for. You would not want the water dripping continuously from the roof and causing serious harm to your property as well as your health.

best general contractor in Bakersfield CaBut if you are stuck in a situation already like this, you must not ignore it and seek help from the best general contractor in Bakersfield Ca. The foundation of the home may deteriorate and you must fix it right away. Wondering how to fix a leaking roof? Well then, let’s examine some quick repair tips that ensure success.

● Identify the Source

In the first step, you need to inspect the property to comprehend what is causing the leak. By doing this, you would save both times as well as money on tools that may be needed for fixing the issue. Check the roof for the cause behind the leak which could be because of rodent infestation, clogged gutters, rain, plumbing, heating, etc.

Also, look for damaged tiles on the ceiling as most of the time leaks happen due to misalignment. Then clean the area to proceed with the next step once the leakage area is found. If this step seems to be risky, then you can seek help from Bakersfield home improvement professionals as they are experienced.

● Use Roofing Tar and PE Plastics

If there are tiles, then you can remove them and apply the roofing tar to seal the leak present in the inner ceiling. You can use shingles or plywood for better results as they would offer support. Once done, you can cover the area with PE plastics as they can help in catching the water and stopping the leakage.

Just make sure to measure the length of the PE plastics beforehand to ensure how much you need them for coverage. For this purpose, you can contact the Bakersfield home improvement service providers as they have the expertise.

● Put on the Shingles

It is because of curls, bruising, and missing parts on the shingles that can make it easier for the water to enter and cause leakage.

To continue with this step, make sure to wear gloves as it can lead to causing cuts and wounds. Also, wear rubber boots to prevent slipping. Then remove the old shingles using the other edge of the hammer and place new ones using nails and roofing tar.

● Seal the Joints

In the last step, you need to seal the joints to completely fix the issue. Remember that not sealing the joints can create the chances of water entering through the gaps and causing all your efforts to go in vain.
To seal the joints, you can use cement or ask the best general contractor in Bakersfield Ca to suggest something else that works better. In addition to this, you must ask them to offer you advice on how to prevent a similar problem from arising in the future.

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