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According to Vastu, Your Bathroom Should be in Which Direction?

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It’s been believed that following Vastu rules bring good luck to our home and life and it can keep away negative energy too. Do you believe in Vastu? Many of us do. And that’s why they always consider Vastu rules in making any choices while preparing their dream home.

They prefer consulting a Vastu expert during house construction rather than just having the opinion of a general contractor in Bakersfield. For example, Vastu can tell you the right direction of your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, balcony, etc.
Especially, toilets are a certain part of your home that should be constructed following Vastu Shastra. Now, if you don’t know anything about the right Vastu direction of your toilet, we are gonna help you learn everything you need in this topic.

What is the Right Direction of Bathroom Construction Based on Vastu?

People who believe in Vastu follow almost every rule of Vastu during the construction of their houses. As per Vastu, toilets of every household should be in the west or northwest direction. It is considered the most favorable position for having a toilet as per the experts from bathroom remodeling in Bakersfield.

However, there is another position that you can go with in case you don’t have sufficient space for toilet making in the west or northwest direction. You can construct your toilet in the southern direction of your house.
Why NorthWest?

The reason for the northwest direction being the best Vastu position for having a toilet is because it is the equivalent position for waste elimination from your home. The bathrooms of a household are considered one of the strongest sources of spreading negative energy into your life.

That’s because we don’t really treat our toilets like we do our bedrooms, kitchen, and other places in the house. Sometimes cleaning of toilets remains unattended for a week or more. This is why the general contractor in Bakersfield suggests you follow Vastu rules in toilet construction so that you don’t have to face any health issues or negative consequences.

The Positioning and Placement

Also, try not to place your toilet walls next to bedrooms or kitchens and Puja Ghar as it is also not advisable as per Vastu rules. Having the same can impact badly on your home atmosphere. You may suffer from health concerns and the peace and harmony in your home may get affected due to this. Vastu says to never keep your toilet door open which has scientific logic behind it too.

If you have not followed any Vastu rules during your house construction, the last thing you could do to avoid negative energy spreading in your home is to follow Vastu instructions for toilets. You just have to do a little renovation of your bathroom following Vastu rules.

There are plenty of professionals available for bathroom remodeling in Bakersfield. Some of them even follow Vastu rules for their renovation work. You must contact them in the first place and renovate your old toilet. Don’t forget to ask your general contractor for a realistic renovation timeline and plan following Vastu.

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