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Bathroom Remodeling Bakersfield Contractors Tips for Accessible Designs

Bathroom Remodeling Bakersfield Contractors

Bathroom remodeling Bakersfield contractors have started implementing universal designs as they make the entire space accessible. The people across age groups, mobility and ability can easily access these designs.

The universal design principles can also offer comfort and safety to the users. Moreover, it can help them be more independent while accessing these spaces.
While the traditional standards guarantee accessibility, universal designs focus on inclusivity and usability. Whether the user has mobility or motor issues, they would be able to access the bathroom safely. These designs are universal irrespective of the ability or disability.

There are specific principles used to design the accessible bathroom spaces. Let’s discuss them in detail here.

1. The equitable principle is the first one to adhere to. It means that the bathroom design should be usable irrespective of the abilities. For instance, the controls and fixtures should be within reach. Moreover, the amenities should be easy to operate. This kind of feature makes it usable.

2. It should be flexible, accommodating to numerous preferences and abilities, according to the general contractor Bakersfield. For this, you must include adjustable and adaptable components. For instance, you can use the height adjustable sinks and shower seats. You can also have grab bars in the bathroom.

3. The bathroom usability should be easy to interpret. Your user, regarless of their language and knowledge, should be able to use the bathroom easily. for this, you might want to include the perfect signages. Similarly, you can use operable faucets and controls. Lastly, tactile indicators can help the visually impaired users.

4. The principle of perceptible information is key in ensuring proper communication. You must ensure that the information that is crucial to the users while accessing the bathroom is carefully given. For instance, you can use tactile, auditory and visual cues. Contrast colours can help you improve door openings.
5. The error tolerance feature is crucial in bathroom remodeling Bakersfield to improve accessibility. You can minimize the hazards using this principle. You can even protect the user from unintended actions. For instance, slip resistant flooring will help reduce accidents. Similarly, you can use anti scald faucets to protect against injury.

6. The accessibility design principle prioritizes low physical effort as well. this means that the design should be efficient and comfortable. it should lower the fatigue for the users. You can add features like lever handles on the faucet and door. you can also use usable lighting or ventilation within the bathroom.

7. The most important element for accessibility is approach and use of the size and space. You must manipulate the space and ensure it meets the posture and mobility needs. for instance, a wide doorway is a good use of space and provides enough movement. Similarly, you can use maneuvering and improved placements for the fixture and amenities.

Here are all the features that can help you design the accessible bathrooms.

1. The wide doorways that can accommodate the walkers and wheelchairs are an important feature. You must allow the users to easily move and turn in their walkers or wheelchairs without hassles.

2. You can use non-slip tile or flooring, especially when you are providing access in the wet areas.

3. Lastly, you must include accessible fixtures and accessories, such as grab bars and sink, according to general contractor Bakersfield.

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