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Marble Countertops: How to Clean & Avoid Stains on Marble Countertops?

marble countertops

Through the unique shine and pattern, marble countertops are a great option to add elegance and beauty to your home areas. But for some people, marble countertops are not a great choice because they are easily damaged by spilled foods or juice. Sometimes improper cleaning of marble countertops can also ruin their beauty.

You can protect the countertops by cleaning them with a soft cloth or with a stone-safe cleaner. It has a cost that is a bit higher than the quartz, granite, or concrete countertops. So make sure you treat marble countertops with great care and attention.

How can you Avoid Stains on Marble Countertops?

Marble is a material that is based on calcium carbonate. It is much vulnerable to etching and stains. But to avoid the stains from taking place, it would be better to soak up the spills. Wipe off that area immediately by using a marble cleaner and a soft cloth.

You can even use a mild soap with warm water for cleaning the countertops. This will be followed up by drying the marble area with a soft towel.

Which cleaning products can you use for it?

For adequately cleaning the marble, you have to use the below-mentioned products:

  • pH-neutral stone cleaners
  • Cleaning products made meant for cleaning marble
  • Warm water with gentle soap

Acidic and harsh cleaning products are pretty helpful for cleaning various parts of the kitchen, such as sinks, ovens, or microwaves. You should not be using those cleaners for the marble countertops. Lemon and vinegar can also cause etching.

How can you Get Stains Out of it?

For removing the stains out from the countertops, you can make the perfect use of baking soda. Cover the entire stain with water and baking soda and allow it to sit on that area for a few minutes. After 10-24 hours, wipe it off gently.

If the baking soda solution does not show the required results, you can clean the stains or spots with hydrogen peroxide. One final option is the removal of the marble’s sealant and washing away the entire stain. It might be a bit tricky to perform and does not show the exact on marble countertops.

Is it Possible to Make the Marble Countertops Shine Again?

The use of stone sealant helps let the marble countertops to have the shine once again. You have to reapply for this solution at least once a year. By buffing or rubbing the polished marble powder on the etched marble, the countertop area will make the shine return again. It is also helpful in repairing the chipped or etched regions with the help of stone epoxy.


To end with the discussion, we will suggest that for perfect cleaning, always use mild dish soap with water and spray it on the marble countertops at least thrice times a week. Please avoid the use of vinegar or bathroom cleaners because they are included with chlorine.

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