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Modern Farmhouse Bathroom – 7 best options for a Decor

modern farmhouse bathroom remodeling bakersfield

Due to its size, the bathroom is probably the most straightforward room to remodel. Most modern farmhouse bathroom that receives remodels or a décor update tend to be half baths or smaller full bathrooms, as can be seen if you search for a “bathroom makeover” on Pinterest or Instagram. Here, we’ll provide some samples of contemporary farmhouse design and demonstrate how to apply it to your bathroom.

Storage Baskets for Items

When you want to conceal items like toilet paper and personal care items, you will discover that a bathroom woven basket can be very helpful. The baskets give your room a rustic look while hiding these objects from view. To make finding your toiletries or grooming supplies easier, you might also choose wicker baskets that can be put on the wall.

Straight lines and sharp contrasts

Black, white, and grey make up the usual farmhouse color scheme. With their crisp contrast, these hues give off a modern farmhouse vibe. Straight lines and the previously mentioned color scheme provide a remarkable appearance with fans of modern farmhouses swooning. As you can see in the half bathroom below, a beautiful modern appearance is achieved using crisp contrasts and straight lines.

Lighting Differently Can Brighten the Modern Farmhouse Bathroom

It would be best to consider your lighting while considering decor ideas for the bathroom. To provide sufficient lighting and set the ambiance, you can use candles and bulbs, but you must also ensure that the fixtures complement your modern farmhouse bathroom design. A coconut candleholder lantern can help you produce a pleasant glow in your bathroom, while a cage light covered with a cage made up of bamboo is an easy yet attractive method to update your lighting fixture.

Add a Few Warm Textures to Modern Farmhouse Bathroom

Adding warmth to any modern farmhouse environment is crucial given the abundance of stark, clashing hues. By incorporating some warmer colors and textures, you may prevent having a space that feels overly cold and uninviting. Including textures like wood and whicker in a modern farmhouse, the setting is a simple way to make it feel cozier. To match the wooden frame of her mirror, Lynnae created a wooden riser for her soap dispensers. These textures warm her modern farmhouse bathroom’s white and black decor.

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White Hardware

Whether in a satin or matte finish, black hardware is the most common color option for a modern farmhouse bathroom. Black bathroom hardware is classic and complements almost any paint or wood tone. As you can see in Tiffany’s bathroom below, the light wood cabinets and matte black hardware go well together. This bathroom is a modern farmhouse fantasy, even with non-white or non-gray cabinets!

Include Some Greenery

The best thing about vegetation is how well it compliments almost any decor style. It would be the best option to go with a sense of greenery, whether working only with modern farmhouse bathroom design or Bohemian farmhouse décor. You can showcase a more giant tree on a wooden stand near the window or in the corner of your bathroom or add a small houseplant or floral arrangement to your beautifully designed shelves.

Reduce the number of decorations

Bathrooms in the farmhouse style featured relatively few decorations and accessories because they were designed to be functional and practical. If you want to completely and accurately represent the farmhouse-style decor, you should avoid over-decorating and paying too much attention to how things look in the bathroom. Your main concern should be improving the features’ performance, including reusing some of them for new, more practical purposes.

Look into several modern farmhouse bathroom decor ideas if you want to create a bathroom design that is cozy and attractive. Consider incorporating a modern farmhouse bathroom style into your home to give it the best look.

modern farmhouse bathroom remodeling bakersfield
modern farmhouse bathroom remodeling bakersfield

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