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Shower Corner Shelf: Installing Caddies Shelf in your Bathroom

shower corner shelf bakersfield

When we talk about a few best shower corner shelf products to be part of your house toilet, then on top of the list, we always bring the name of shower caddies. The term shower caddies are an old phrase, but the new term used for this product can be a bathroom holder, box, or storage container. Let’s discuss shower caddies below and see how you can install them.

What are shower corner shelf caddies all about?

Defining the term shower caddies, these are the box, container, or storage stand you can use in shower areas of your bathrooms or toilets. These shower caddies are generally available to keep all the items or products in one place. They are available in multiple designs, shapes or materials to find something that suits your bathroom areas.

Hanging shower caddies are common and you can attach it to doors, faucets, pipes, or shower curtain rods. Besides, boxes and trays can also be stored away in net-style bags on various surfaces.

What is the Main Purpose of shower corner shelf caddies?

Keeping your bathroom organized is easy with a shower caddy. With soapy hands scattered across the toilet, it is harder to reach soaps, as well as loofahs, and shampoo bottles. These shower caddies items ensure a clean bathroom and easy access.

It is hence more efficient to use one’s time by having an organized shower caddie, which eliminates the need to spend time searching for things.

Get versatile designs in the shower corner shelves for locating the shower caddies in a secure and elegant manner. Different shower corner caddies are hence available, which the tension pole shower caddy being the most common. This particular shower caddy can be hence hanging on the bathtub’s side or in the room’s corner. It has proven to be one of the most popular options.

We all know that they are only having restrictions to place in bathtubs. Therefore, tension pole shower caddies are positioned leaning against the tub’s side.

How to install shower caddies? Step by Step Guide

To install a tension pole for caddies at the shower corner shelf, follow these steps:

Step 1: Put the tension pole together

As the name implies, tension poles of shower caddies look like shower curtain rods with springs inside to generate tension.

It is most suitable to assemble this kind of shower caddies at the corners of the bathroom since that is where it would be best and valuable.  In addition, this whole drain is perfect to yet extend from the top of its tub towards the ceiling of the shower.

Step 2: Mount the shelves

As soon as the tension pole is assembled completely, attach the shelves. These shower caddies have shelves that hence snap on or can slide over the pole’s side. To mount up the shelves, you will need to use the clips or the suction cups that come with the already assembled kit.

Step 3: Put the caddy together

On the shower corner shelf, place the caddies. One end of your caddie’s tension rod should be pointing up to the top of the bathtub. Pull the rod up to the corner of your tub from the other side and let it reach the ceiling. Once the rod has reached the ceiling, gently release it. The shower caddies will stay in place if you keep twisting the pole.


Get ready to give your house bathroom a new and modern look by installing shower caddies efficiently. If you do not know the installation of shower caddies, you should hire an expert and make it happen without any pain. Do it now!

shower corner shelf bakersfield

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