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Tile that Looks like Wood: Why you should invest in Wood Effect Tiles over Real Wood Flooring?

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When we mention the tile that looks like wood, many people get ideas about some cheap style of wood floors.

These elegant and extra-durable ceramic tiles are best for creating a beautiful effect in any big or small home. There is no need to add different additional complications that come with laying a unique wooden floor. For these and other reasons, wood-effect tiles became even more popular last year. Thus, many homeowners have now opted for tile that looks like wood.

Why should you invest in a tile that looks like wood floors?

·       They are tough and strong

The wooden impact tiles made of ceramics better withstand the daily stresses and strains that must pass through our floors. You can also use it in some high-traffic areas of the house, such as the corridor. They also work well in a commercial environment, such as a reception in an office building.

·       There are different finishes to suit your taste

Do you prefer a traditional oak look or a clean, soft walnut surface? Thus, tile that looks like wood comes in a variety of styles.

·       Easy in maintenance

Ceramic tiles are much easier to clean in comparison to wooden floors. They also require lesser maintenance. Therefore, their use has been quite every day for the home use where less time and cost are involved. As such, they are also great for office buildings.

·       Anti-slip

If you have a natural wooden floor in the bathroom, you may notice that it sometimes slips when you enter and exit the bathroom or shower.

The combination of wax wood and a smooth sandy surface leads to very little friction, which is dangerous in places where floors can get wet, such as the bathroom. Hence, the tile that looks like a wood effect has an attractive non-slip surface. This is to increase the safety of a slippery bathroom and damp floors in the bedroom!

·       Prevent the stain

If you have a guest at a party who accidentally kicks a glass of red wine on your bare wooden floor, you will know that removing the stain is no small task.

It often leaves a wrong pink trail behind. However, you wash away the wind with wood-effect tiles, and you can party all night!

·       Resist the sun

In the bright conservatory, such as a sunny spot next to a window or door to the terrace, you will notice that sunlight can whiten natural wood. It loses its color and disappears in a dull, muted tone.

Tiles with a wood effect will retain their surface color even in the brightest sunlight! They will stay alive like the day you first put them on.

·       Perfect for the kitchen and bathroom

Water in the kitchen and toilet means that the wooden floor can be damaged if not cared for properly. Impact tiles do not break or rot, so they are ideal for rooms where they are in constant contact with water.

·       They look great

Hence, tile that looks like the wood effect is tough to lay, and because they are so hard, they look great on the day you lay them and after years. And thanks to the choice of finishes, they appear appealing for both modern and even more traditional homes.


Because of the quality of being hard-wear wood-effect tiles, you can even ideally use them for the pubs and restaurants. In such places, the style and quick maintenance are essential. To create a unique and inspiring look, tiles with the wooden effect will add a royal look to your house.

tile that looks like wood Bakersfield

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