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Bathroom Remodel Estimate

bathroom remodel estimate

Bathroom Remodel Estimate

A bathroom remodel estimate for a fully renovated bathroom is one of the most needed bathrooms in all house renovation projects, and it is also the bathroom that can maximize the real estate value of your house.
It is estimated that the new bathroom can recover its cost by increasing the value of the real estate at least equal to the cost of the renovation. Luxury bathrooms may cause potential buyers to enter a house bidding war, and the same house with an old bathroom may languish in the market without a bid.

Bathroom remodel estimate is also one of the most difficult to estimate the cost of all renovation projects because there are too many variables involved in the work, and the quality of the materials is so wide.
When you can buy a new toilet for as little as $100 or as little as $10,000, do you feel that the cost of renovation will be very different?

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Industry cost survey

In-Home Advisor’s 2018 survey, the digital marketplace allowed homeowners to explore home renovation costs and contact pre-screened professionals.

The average bathroom renovation cost in 2018 was US$10,246, most of which fell between US$5,943 and US$14,771.

Update prices for all necessary fixtures and surfaces for small and medium bathrooms range from $3,500 to $7,000, while the price of a large master bathroom can far exceed $13,000 or more.

However, it should be noted that these figures are averages of large samples including DIY and contractor installations.

Skilled homeowners who are willing to spend money on shopping can usually do the job themselves, while the contractor’s job is much higher, especially when the bathroom is dismantled to studs and structurally extended.

Another source, the National Kitchen and Bath Association reported that the average bathroom renovation expenditure in 2016 was $11,369. The estimated cost of various bathroom components:

Cabinets and hardware: $1,818 (16%)
Dressing tabletop: $795 (7%)
Faucet and plumbing: $1,591 (15%)
Lighting and ventilation: $568 (5%)
Walls and ceilings: $568 (5%)
Doors and windows: $455 (4%)
Device: $1.705 (15%)
Floor: $1,023 (9%)
Installation fee: $2,273 (20%)
Design fee: $455 (4%)
Other: $114 (1%)

A survey by NKBA showed that half of the homeowners paid between US$10,000 and US$29,999 for bathroom renovations, while 31% said they paid more than US$30,000.

Bathroom Remodel Estimate level

A useful way to look at the cost of bathroom remodeling is to categorize the different levels of work involved.

Usually, when a project is a renovation project, this is done to save money, and the materials used are often an economical choice.

However, homeowners who are willing to stop hiring a general contractor are usually willing to spend a lot of money choosing more advanced fixtures and materials.

This means that a “remodeled” bathroom may cost about $1,000 for a DIY homeowner who replaces surface materials and one or two fixtures.

While for a bathroom that has been gutted and expanded and filled with high-end equipment, the cost could be as high as $50,000 or more.

Materials and fixtures. And, if you think that everyone’s spending $100,000 on a new bathroom is too exaggerated, you are very wrong-there are more bathrooms than you think.

bathroom remodel estimate

To get the full bathroom remodel estimate:

DIY facelift

At this level of reconstruction, the homeowner is handling the work himself and is replacing the decorative surfaces, perhaps also replacing the restrooms and sinks. But they keep the core elements—pipes, wiring, ventilation, and wall structure—independent. The bathtub and shower also remain unchanged at this level. This reset mode may include:

Use luxury vinyl instead of flooring
Replace old washbasins and sinks with new RTA (off-the-shelf) washbasins and sinks
Install a new toilet and mirror
Paint the walls
The price range here depends on the quality of the selected materials: do you do low-cost shopping in a large home decoration center or buy from a brand-name store?

DIY facelift cost: US$1,000 to US$5,000

DIY complete makeover

Here, you are still doing your own work, but are now considering completely replacing almost all surfaces and fixtures. Minor changes or extensions to the piping may be required, but such projects usually do not require new circuits or major rewiring of the piping. This type of refactoring may include:

Replace floor and wall surfaces with tiles
Use quartz or granite countertops with integrated sinks to replace old sinks and sinks with new specially ordered sinks.
Add linen wall cabinets
Replace the new bathtub with the tiled old wall, and replace the old bathtub with a high-grade shower valve and glass door
Install a new toilet
Replace the ventilated car
DIY overall renovation cost: US$5,000 to US$15,000

DIY extension bathroom

Even the remodeling of very large bathrooms is sometimes solved by amateurs.

At this level, a homeowner with excellent carpentry and demolition skills may solve the problem of removing walls and reconfiguring the bathroom layout to take up more space in the house. Then, start a complete makeover from there.

Surprisingly, the cost difference compared to DIY remodeling is not that big, because the biggest investment is additional homeowner labor time-the additional wood required, drywall, and plumbing are not that expensive.

However, homeowners dealing with such remodeling should also have the skills to perform wiring and plumbing replacements, which are usually required. The intestinal reconstruction bathroom needs to be completely remodeled, as well as:

  • Demolition of walls and ceiling surfaces
  • Build a new wall
  • Install new doors and windows
  • Hanging and finishing gypsum board

Homeowners should carefully consider their skill level and the time required for such projects. Structural expansion can take a lot of time, so make sure you have at least one other bathroom in your house that you can use during the project. More than one homeowner spent a whole year to complete a bathroom renovation of this size.

DIY extended bathroom cost: US$7,500 to US$20,000

bathroom remodel estimate

Contractor Complete Makeover

Like the DIY version, this type of project entails replacing all surfaces and fixtures in a bathroom, but in this instance, the work is done by one or more professional contractors you hire.

At this level, an owner/builder contractor is a good choice.

An owner/builder construction contractor is an experienced carpenter who likely does much of the hands-on work alone but also subcontracts other professionals for the tasks for which that person is not qualified.

For example, the owner/builder contractor may hire a licensed plumber to do any plumbing work necessary, while doing all the rest of the work alone.

This person may also staff a small group of additional carpenters who work alongside.

A typical bathroom remodels on this scale will include all of the features described in the DIY Complete Makeover (above), possibly using more premium materials and fixtures.

Cost: $15,000 to $30,000

Contractor expands bathroom

At this level, the new bathroom is the actual room extension-it becomes a very significant project and is actually a brand new bathroom.

It needs to make the bathroom go straight to the studs, tear off the wall, and re-lay the new wall to create a larger bathroom space.

It is possible to rewire all pipes and install new circuits. Few old bathroom accessories (if any) are kept.

In rare cases, such projects may actually require structural transformation or the addition of small rooms, thereby changing the overall floor space of the house itself, including new foundation works.

This type of project is usually handled by the GC (general contractor), and the GC only does a little work.

Instead, various subcontractors (carpenters, plumbers, electricians, tile installers, and painters) will come in and out of your house to do the work.

When a project reaches this level, the cost ceiling is indeed high, because luxury bathrooms that cost $100,000 are not uncommon.

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